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Adelaide Wharf - London

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Duke of York's Headquarters, London - Ibex Interiors

Pendragon Landrover, Solihull - Adonis Construction

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CUBE is the distinctive member of the modular handrail and balustrade product range. The system is derived from the desire to specify an alternative to tubular balusters whilst adhering to the strict philosophy of highly engineered, non-fabricated solutions. The design concept was conceived by pairing extruded aluminium flat bar uprights and bracing these together by means of unique CUBE components that interlock inside rebates within the inner faces of each baluster section.


CUBES have the ability to slide vertically between the twin flats and therefore become anchor points for a variety of component connections, whether this be the handrail, infill panel, intermediate rails or structural fixings to the fabric of the building. Interesting and unusual transitions are created between tubular elements projecting from within the uprights without any welding or bolted connection through the flats.

The modular rationale promotes a series of standard parts which adjust to any angle and perform multiple functions throughout the system.


The twin uprights and CUBES are finished in our NyMet® nylon coating and most fittings projecting from these assemblies are produced in stainless steel. Handrails are offered in stainless steel or natural hardwood and as upright centres vary for each fixing and type of scheme, our technical department should be consulted for additional guidance when creating project specifications.

Clean Lines

As with all products, CUBE is manufactured as a series of machined or cast fittings, mechanically connected together to create a highly engineered system with precise, clean lines between adjoining components. In true tradition, the CUBE system has a sharp, sophisticated appearance, unhindered by the presence of unsightly welds as can often impair bespoke fabrications.


Superior Finish

The twin flats used to create the balustrade uprights are produced from extruded aluminium. This material already benefits from an inherently superior surface to that of mild steel however this is further enhanced by the application of our unique NyMet® nylon coating - a NyMet Data Sheet is available. Stainless steel handrails are supplied with a refined, radially brushed finish and natural hardwood handrails are polished and lacquered. More information on the range and specification of CUBE finishes can be found in the Finishes section.

Designed, Supplied, Installed

CUBE is available Internationally on a supply and installation basis as a specialist Architectural Handrail & Balustrade package procured directly by the Client, Developer or Principal Contractor.

on line

Subscribers to NBS can compile specifications within the NBS Plus software package or alternatively, generic specification templates can be downloaded from the Specifier section. CUBE literature can be viewed and downloaded on line via the link from our Home Page, printed copies can be requested by email or by calling our Sales Dept. on 01634 817800. Within the Specifier section, AutoCAD drawings of each solution are available to download although you are required to become a member of the Handrail Community to obtain a password for this facility - please complete the form in the Login/Register section.