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Audi Car Showrooms

No.1 Smithery Museum, Historic Dockyard, Chatham

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The most popular and surprisingly affordable choice for balustrade infill panels, 10mm thick clear or screen printed toughened glass is produced to order for each project and typically drilled to suit the panel holder type, the four corners radiussed and all edges polished in accordance with EN 12150 1C1. CUBE offers an alternative method of connecting glass panels by offsetting them from the uprights. The glass is attached in a unique way through the handrail bracket to give a much cleaner design allowing large panels to be cantilevered with structurally dynamic results.

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Glass Panels

Ø50mm toprail connected with offset stem brackets to NyMet coated 2-point side fixed twin flat bar uprights at maximum 1200mm centres with offset panel holders supporting 10mm thick toughened glass panels with nominal radiused corners and all edges polished to EN 12150 1C1.

Glass infillSide load 0.74kNSide FixingOffset top railNBS Document

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