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Worple Road, London - Wates Construction

No.1 London Wall, London - Sir Robert McAlpine

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No.1 Smithery Museum, Historic Dockyard, Chatham

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Portelet Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands

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Handrail is available with a range of bracket styles to compliment TUBE, CUBE, EDGE and VIEU balustrade schemes or as a stand alone product to be wall mounted within staircases or along ramps and corridors.

Concealed Fixings

endorses positive detailing and with such emphasis placed on precision it is complimentary for fixing screws and bolt heads to be discretely concealed wherever possible. End caps, cover discs and rosettes feature in the design of all key components to provide a tidy and tamper proof solution, particularly appropriate for public and educational building applications.


Handrail Ends, Bends

Handrails and balustrade toprails typically have capped or returned ends, changes in direction are acheived with formed or cast bends and mitres are generally used if Hardwood is specified. For structural purposes a steel core rail is rebated into Hardwood balustrade toprails.