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| Unequalled & Approved |

Granary Sq. Kings Cross

St Thomas’ Hospital - London

Asymmetric Orientation - Forward Facing

Provides walkway illumination, highlighting the route of travel and reducing emergency lighting requirements

Any angle can be specified

Symmetric Orientation - Downward Facing

Provides even illumination from the centre of the handrail, ideal for divider rails to wide entrance steps and ramps

Asymmetric Orientation - Backward Facing

Provides ambient lighting, bathing the wall in
light - RGB LED’s create contrasting and colour changing effects

Any angle can be specified


The orientation of LED's can be specified at any angle within the handrail allowing Lighting Designers total freedom to create symmetric or asymmetric light distribution effects. Beam transmissions are set longitudinally at 70 degrees and at 120 degrees from each end of a unit so whilst the luminaires are individually placed between handrail brackets and bends, a continuous linear illumination is achieved at floor level rather than localised intermittent pools as can otherwise be the case.

Unrivaled Technology

's quality is unrivalled since they are the only LED manufacturer to incorporate Z-Diodes into the circuitry to protect the rest of the LED's from failure in the unlikely event that a single LED stops working. All LedLux LED luminaires are manufactured with a 50,000 hour design life, the electronic controls offer extremely high output whilst always maintaining a comfortable running temperature which is vital when placed within the handrail.


Power Supply Units

Bespoke power supply units are manufactured by so that the current to each LED chip is controlled and automatically regulated to compensate for the temperature of the unit and the ambient temperature of the environment. This guarantees consistency of illumination at all times and throughout multiple runs of LED units along any given length of handrail.