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The Ropery, the Longest Building in Europe in 1875

Ropemakers Cycle the Length of the Building

Commissioner's House 1704 - Historic Dockyard, Chatham


Using our precise and modern engineering we have married our products with the heritage and ongoing traditional manufacture of rope from the Master Ropemakers based on the same site as Handrail Design in the Historic Dockyard. The rope making process originated more than 400 years ago and still uses the ¼ mile long rope walk and machinery from the Victorian era. The Ropery building, when erected in 1875, was the longest building in Europe.

Naval Crafts

Natural and synthetic fibres are manufactured by craftsmen who not only produce the rope but work with it to create bespoke products to customer requirements.


Contemporary Design

The contrast of materials created with our ROPE provides a unique and high quality solution to the domestic market. To order yours, email your enquiry