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Royal Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool - Integrated Health Projects

Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge - Kier Marriott

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Mascalls School, Paddock Wood, Kent + The Grove Centre, Amersham


TUBE is a modular handrail and balustrade system aimed at raising the standard of product options open to present day Architects and Specifiers. Advocating design consistency across a comprehensive range of styles and finishes, represents the most practical, commercially viable and quality conscious solutions utilising the finest contemporary materials. The system introduces new levels of schematic control, allows staircase geometry to be optimised and guarantees an installation that meets with original expectations.

The Bespoke System

TUBE is manufactured in Stainless Steel or NyMet® coated aluminium and can also be supplied in a distinctive combination of both. Natural Hardwood handrails compliment either finish and NyMet® coatings range from unique metallics to an endless choice of BS, RAL or even specially formulated solid colours. The system is extremely flexible offering numerous bracket designs for wall mounted handrails and balustrade guarding options including in line or offset glass, perforated steel panels, intermediate rails or stainless steel tensioned wire ropes.

Versatility, Reliability

Since inception, has grown to become the Industry preferred specification for high quality handrail solutions and continues to evolve as the most versatile modular system on the market. brings added value to a construction project offering freedom of choice, quality control and confidence in the knowledge that the system has been tried, tested and endorsed by countless leading Professionals within the field.

Infinite Options, One System

Extensive configurations and a broad range of finishes enable the Specifier to create a product that is truly individual. Specifications can also be varied within the same scheme, either as a design or cost driven process and whilst levels of expenditure are catered for between front and back of house applications, an overall uniformity of detailing is maintained throughout.

Clean Lines

is manufactured as a series of machined or cast fittings, mechanically connected together to create a highly engineered product with precise, clean lines between adjoining components. The system has a sharp, sophisticated appearance, unhindered by the presence of unsightly welds as can often be the case with fabricated alternatives.

Supplied, Installed

TUBE is available Internationally on a supply and installation basis as a specialist Architectural Handrail & Balustrade package procured directly by the Client, Developer or Principal Contractor.


Concealed Fixings

endorses positive detailing and with such
emphasis placed on precision it is complimentary
for fixing screws and bolt heads to be discretely concealed wherever possible. End caps, cover discs and rosettes feature in the design of all key components to provide a tidy and tamper proof solution, particularly appropriate for public and educational building applications.

Superior Finish

Stainless steel is supplied with a radially polished brushed satin finish and the aluminium version, which already benefits from an inherently superior surface to that of mild steel, is further enhanced by the application of our unique NyMet® coating system - a NyMet Data Sheet is available. Natural hardwood handrails are polished and lacquered. More information on the range and specification of finishes can be found in the Finishes Section

Technical Performance

has been developed in accordance with the design criteria specified in BS 6180:2011 and side loading requirements for all building use categories can be accommodated including the 3 kN/m horizontal UDL designated for areas susceptible to overcrowding. Internal and external specifications are available for the NyMet® finished aluminium system including the Stainless Steel range which is supplied in 1.4301 (304) and 1.4401 (316) grade variants. Curved rails can be considered and special adaptations of the system are often incorporated to suit the individual needs or preferences of each project.

on line

Subscribers to NBS can compile specifications within the NBS Plus software package or alternatively, generic specification templates can be downloaded from the Specifier section. TUBE literature can be viewed and downloaded on line via the link from our Home Page, printed copies can be requested by email or by calling our Sales Dept. on 01634 817800. Within the Specifier section, AutoCAD drawings of each solution are available to download although you are required to become a member of the Handrail Community to obtain a password for this facility - please complete the form in the Login/Register section.