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can be tailored to suit the requirements of any interior design concept with options ranging from sophisticated corporate steel finishes through to inviting natural hardwoods for retail or residential environments. Whatever the nature of the scheme, has a finish, design and specification capable of making a tangible contribution towards the successful execution of the project. As tactile elements of buildings directly influence the occupier's perception of their surroundings, it is essential to attain a quality finish for high profile fixtures such as handrails.

NyMet® Coating

The aluminium TUBE components are factory finished in our unique NyMet® nylon coating. NyMet® comprises a three coat system of electrostatically applied Polymer offering a 150 micron finish which has twice the thickness and 10 times the resistance to abrasion of a typical polyester powder coating. NyMet® possess flexible properties which prevent the coating from chipping and flaking, weathering resistance is excellent and the finish satisfies all relevant Fire Officer requirements.

NyMet® Range

NyMet® is generally applied as a semi gloss finish and is available in an exclusive range of metallics together with black and white as the primary range of options. Standard BS or RAL colours can be supplied and even special solid colours or metallics can be formulated upon request - a NyMet Data Sheet is available.


Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel handrails and associated TUBE fittings are produced in 1.4301 (304) grade for internal use and 1.4401 (316) grade for coastal external applications. A refined, brushed satin finish is directionally applied to most components whereas tubes are radially polished and certain castings are glass bead blasted.

Natural Hardwoods

TUBE offers a contemporary selection of factory polished and lacquered Hardwood handrails as standard. Other species can be considered upon request and all Hardwoods used for handrails are supplied from sustainably managed sources.