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Product Code

1: Product Type

Handrail Balustrade

2: Infill Type

Infill Glass Infill Panel Infill Midrails Infill Wires

3: Side Load

Side Load 0.36kN/m Side Load 0.74kN/m Side Load 1.5kN/m 3.0kN/m

4: Fixing

Side Fixing Top Fixing Spigot Fixing

5: Top Rail Type

Top Rail Inline Top Rail Offset

6: Brand

Brand Tube Brand Cube Brand Edge Brand Vieu

Welcome to the Handrail Design product Specifier

Within our extensive product range we have a solution for every project requirement and to find your Handrail Design we have catalogued our systems to make it easier to identify the right options for each scheme. Simply “click on” or “click off” the buttons at the side of the page to filter through the relevant criteria until you narrow down the results to suit your particular specification. If technical information is required, members of the Handrail Community can download AutoCAD files with tailored NBS Specifications and for price indications please contact our Sales Department :- 01634 817800

If you are familiar with our design references then simply type the Product Code into the search bar. As there are so many configurations within our product range it is not possible to include every option in this data base and therefore if you are unable to find the specification you are looking for then please call our sales department who will be able to assist you with the direct issue of certain details eg. higher 1.5 & 3.0 kN/m loadings and specials.


1: Select Product Type

Choose between wall mounted Handrail or freestanding Balustrades.

Select Handrail - results will be displayed below.
Select Balustrade - proceed to the next selection:-


2: Select Infill Type

Choose a design of balustrade from Glass, Perforated Panels, Midrails or Tension Wires


3: Select Side Loading

The structural performance of a balustrade varies depending on the use and occupancy level of the building as set out in BS6180:2011. There are four main classifications based on the side loadings each balustrade must withstand, measured in kN/m. Move your cursor over the values for guidelines on the types of building uses and their relevant criteria although the exact requirements should be determined by the Specifier and Building Control.


4: Select Fixing

Balustrades can be side fixed onto the stringers or edges of steel or concrete stairs and landings with boss connections or alternatively top fixed with baseplates to beams, treads or slabs. On concrete stairs and balconies the uprights can be spigot fixed into core drilled holes.


5: Select Top Rail Arrangement

Many of our balustrades have the option to place the handrail in line with the uprights whereas all our systems offer the facility to offset the toprail to match handrails mounted on opposing walls.


6: Select Brand

Finally you have the facility to narrow your selection to each one of our brands to determine which solution meets the requirements of your preferred design and project requirement.

Brand Tube Brand Cube Brand Edge Brand Vieu